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Cocktail Set

Is made of stainless steel and includes:
  • 1 cocktail shaker with filter and cover (approx. 21.2 cm of height x 8.1 cm of diameter)
  • 1 hawthorne cocktail strainer (approx. 17 cm of length)
  • 1 ice tongs (16.3 cm of length)
  • 1 long mixing spoon (approx. 27.7 cm of length)
  • 1 short mixing spoon (approx. 18.8 cm of length)
  • 1 double jigger (approx. 6.8 cm of height)
The Summum Sommelier cocktail set is the perfect item to prepare cocktails like a pro. It contains all the accessories you need to turn any night into a unique moment. Buy this cocktail set now in selected stores and create magic cocktails with this fabulous cocktail shaker.


RRP: 59’90€

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