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Wine Thermometer

Discover our Wine thermometer! As a premier kitchenware supplier.

Beautiful and functional wine thermometer as part of its exclusive range of wine accessories. This digital wine thermometer is not only easy to use, but, most importantly, easy to read! Enhance your wine enjoyment by wrapping your digital thermometer around the wine bottle and wait a few seconds until its accurate reading is automatically displayed. Operating on a watch battery (1 x LR1130, included), the Summum Sommelier wine thermometer features a LCD screen (Approximately 4 x 3 x 1.5 cm) and is made of black plastic and stainless steel. With the Summum Sommelier digital wine thermometer, serve wine at the best temperature and allow it to achieve its fullest taste and bouquet for the ultimate delight of your guests!

This digital wine thermometer will be a key component of any fantastic wine tasting experience and make a unique gift for wine lovers and connoisseurs, as well as an extremely useful accessory for bars, restaurants, wine bars, etc.


RRP: 25’00€


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